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Can be used to describe any type of incident from the worlds biggest screw up by offering oneself to be fucked so that the screw up is made good again, to two buddies greating each other. This is a very versatile word coined out of a true incident in the northern island of Fiji (Vanua Levu) by Indo Fijians. The word is now used to describe humorous incidents that occurs in every day-to-day life, from two friends greeting each other by saying “Le Bahara”, to describing screw-ups, getting busted in any situation to dropping a plate of food, tripping and falling on your face and telling someone to shut up who is over lecturing on moral values.
True incident: In Fiji bus drivers collect cash fares as the passengers are getting into the bus. In the town of Labasa in Vanua Levu, Fiji, an elderly lady was getting in the bus and most busses in Fiji have a minimum of 3 steps to climb. This lady was taking her time due to old age, but the driver had his hands out and saying Bahara, Bahara, Bahara deo, ( Bahara means fare and deo means give, and thus “give fare”) Eventually the lady arrived on the platform stood up straight and was fuming at the bus drivers lack of patience and courtesy. She looked at him, took a deep breath and with both hands lifted her long skirt and shouted at him in Fiji Hindi “ LE BAHARA” and she was not wearing anything underneath. Which when translated in English, means, “Here is the bus fare”. And from that day on the passengers in the bus started using the same expression jokingly and thus it caught on in main stream lingo to describe any un courteous incidents and to any other fuckup in life.
by Dhirendra Singh March 24, 2007
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