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Le Fam is a group of loyal friends, much like a family. They're the product of weird people coming together with other weird people, so that they can all be weird together. Le Fam's humor is one of a kind. You either get it or you don't. The bond between Le Fam members cannot be broken. Some members of Le Fam have other friends, but Le Fam is where their hearts truly reside.
Le Fam or die
by LeFamMember July 02, 2012
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A newer breed of wolf/eagle hybrids bred from the blood of "Da Fam". This newer yet still extremely inclusive pack of animals resides and hunts in Nebraska. Like "Da Fam", "Le Fam" is extremely inclusive and very secretive society.
"Did you hear that there's now a 'Le Fam'?"
"It's still just as intimidating as 'Da Fam'."
by notinanyfam May 27, 2012
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