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A phrase used when someone is threating to sue another person
Chad : Hey Steve you need to stop sexually harassing my female employees they are all Lawyered Up and our company cannot afford this!
Steve : What's the big deal you do it all the time Gee!
Chad : Well you see im good looking so it don't bother them!
Kiersten : Yeah Right! Your just as big of a creap as Steve!
Brianne : Yeah Chad you better watch it cause were all Lawyered Up!
Steve : Well Chad I guess were not as special as we thought we were are we now?
Chad : Shut The Fuck Up before I sock your ugly face into the next decade STEVE!
Steve : Go ahead Chad cause im all Lawyered Up!
Chad : Fuck You All!!!! God Damn Lawyers!
by SlopNChop July 26, 2018
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To suddenly hire a malicious legal team in an effort to secure a strong victory in court.
Yo didn't Ron get charged with seven felonies a few months ago?

Yes he did. But he's rich. He got himself all lawyered-up and got out of all the charges no problem.
by 456 All Day January 26, 2012
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