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Oxymoronic, like saying "legal eel" or bottom feeder.

This is a animal who resembles a human being physically, but in every other way resembles a scum sucking bottom feeder. It is a grossly overpaid prostitute ("tart") who pretends to be smart after attending 6 semesters of "law school." The only thing difficult about law school is that, if you are human rather than a Lawyer Tart, you will have to force your normal and logical brain into performing illogical whackodynamics for the sake of making big bucks (AKA ripping absolutely everyone in society off).

The lawyer tart's brain is so perverse that it believes that by spinning more of it's yarns (AKA "laws") it is doing "good" and actually deserve to rip off society to the tune of $300+ an hour. Unlike every other so-called profession, they set their own rates thus violating their own so-called laws. This is the norm, however, as the entire "legal system" exists merely for the two bottom feeder segments of the population: Lawyer tarts and their brothers in scum-sucking, "businessmen."

Society should begin to fight back against these scum, who also comprise more than 95% of the country's "politician tart" population.
How to fight against the selfish Lawyer Tart who exists only to make money for itself, and its scum-brother, the "businessman?"

Charge them at least 10X what the cost is for everyone else. For example, if the Lawyer Tart needs heart surgery that costs everyone else $15K, charge the Lawyer Tart at least $150K OUT OF POCKET just like they do to everyone else. Then perhaps these scum, who don't know what else to do with themselves, will consider becoming garbage collectors or something USEFUL TO SOCIETY.
by ddrite May 07, 2010
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