A term used in the 1930s, and can still be applied today. It's a term meaning if you are an actor who happens to be gay or lesbian like so many people in the 1930s, the agent of that actor tries to marry them off with a straight person. It is either this or lose everything when the public and fans find out a particular actor is homosexual.

These days it's no big deal to come out of the closet, but there are still gay actors married to a straight spouse for appearance, and reputation. This called a Lavender marriage.
John Travolta is indeed in a Lavender marriage with Kelly Preston.
by Babydoll75 March 20, 2019
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A mixed-orientation marriage used to hide someone's sexual orientation; it can be done for religious reasons, reputation, preservation of things like your career or public image, etc. It is often a gay man marrying a gay woman.
"Brennan and Alyssa got married last week."
"Whoa! But I thought he was gay."
"He is, and so is she. But they're both Christians, so they got married."
"Oh, that's weird. What were the colors?"
"Lavender and rose, 'cause it was a 'lavender marriage'"
"Nice pun!"
by Hellenophile07 April 4, 2022
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A marriage between a heterosexual woman and an openly homosexual man.
Woman: Is Zia really married to Marc? I thought he was gay.
Man: Yeah, it's a lavender marriage.
by Marcus Marez February 19, 2010
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