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A person with this name is A VERY BEAUTIFUL girl with an amazing personality, she is not like everyone else. Every girl aspires to be like her and every guy is crazy for her. Laurelou is a innocent, sexy and strong-hearted girl, though she can be naive at times she will stand up for herself and she wants the best for all her friends in life. She struggles to hide her emotions and will blush a lot. She has a unique sense of humor and is into special thing. To have Laurlou you have to be faithful, show compassion and truly love her for who she is - not just her amazing looks. She's a true romantic~ and she wants a meaningful, long relationship and never backs down to achieve her goals.
Guy 1: Man I just spent all day with Laurelou today, she's such a cutie. Guy 2: I heard she's dating Seb, just stop trying dude they're too cute together.
by Thunderr_ June 04, 2018
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