A city in maryland spanning 3 counties, settled in between Baltimore and DC. Laurel is know for the main road, rt 1, which black prostitutes and homeless beggars use as thier personal catwalk. Laurel could possibly claim the rights to the wigger movement, in which white kids with hillbilly racist parents dress in white reeboks, fubu, hoop earing with saying like "wifey" or "delicious" engraved in them, and a penchant for slicked down hair and cornrows. Laurel is lined with dive bars and pawn shops, and frequently smells like mexican farts.
yo homie sup representin Laurel
by clarkcunt January 05, 2009
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Ancient Roman for your butt.
Get up off your laurels and go do something!
to rest on one's laurels
She rests on her laurels all the time.
Stop resting on your laurels!
by shapr June 26, 2018
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An internet sensation where some people heard yanny in an audio clip and some heard laurel.
In the audio clip, my friends all heard laurel, but I heard yanny.
by FlamingGuacamole May 17, 2018
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“Wait wtf? You here laurel? I only hear yanny!” fuck u
by iamtrulyclurb May 20, 2018
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a girl thats being haunted by a ghost name yanny laurel and her blue and black dress will be turn into a ghost that has a white and gold dress and forever laurel will hear a whisper of yanny
guy 1:hey dude this dictionary says its laurel but its saying yanny!!!
guy 2:play it!
guy 1:*plays it*
guy 3:it says both
guy 1 and 2:WHAT
by goldie the bear August 30, 2018
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Refers to a pair of girls, where one of them is thin (yet of marginal looks), while the other is a fat girl. The thinner, uglier girl pairs up with the fatter girl in order to make herself look better (that is, in the eyes of potential suitors). A reference to the classic comic duo of Laurel & Hardy, where there is a thin person (Laurel), while the other (Hardy) is bigger (in this case, owing to the heavier girth, it is corrupted to Hearty- like a hearty appetite).
(Roger and Dave, looking at two girls on the street, resembling the aforementioned above)

Roger: Hey, Dave. Look at those two girls. The skinny girl is kind of ugly. What is she doing hanging around with the fat girl?

Dave: Don't you know? It's a classic case of a Laurel & Hearty. Can't you see that the thin ugly girl is using the fat girl to make herself look better?
by brooskitooski July 29, 2017
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A dumb-ass trend that is literally destroying friendships FUCK YOU INTERNET
Guy 1:"It's Yanny you cum bucket".
Guy 2: "Naw G it's Laurel".
Guy 1"you know what FUCK YOU MAN EAT A BABY'S COCK"
Guy 3:"Can't we agree that it's both Laurel and Yanny"
Guy 1/2:"FUCK OFF"
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