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1)Typically one with so minuscule a penis, that it becomes imperative to roam the internet and pick random fights with other roamers. This can occur on any form of internet medium (e.g. Forums, online games, youtube etc.)

Generally, laptop gangsters are not gangsters at all, but no-lifes who never get laid and try to bully people on the net.
(i know. I know. But you you know it's true, you've seen what's called... lol.. an "internet fight".
NetSurfer1:"Oh wow, badassNaruto just called me a "noob" in this thread."

NetSurfer2: "ah so this is the Real Laptop Gangster..."
by Benemalio August 11, 2008
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White suburban male who live with his momma and makes comments online he would never make in person.
Laptop gangster in action (White suburban boy with manicured lawn) Yo biacth... I grew up in da' hood of minneapolis.
by burkons August 20, 2008
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An annoying person online, often in teens, who becomes tough when they get behind a keyboard. They often talk trash, curse, and criticize everyone. But, if they were to see that person in real life, they would probably shit themself. Also, many laptop gangsters live in the suburbs.
Laptop Gangster-"Bring it bitch, i ain't scared of no one. I grew up in the hood pussy."

John-"Shut the fuck up you little 5 year old. You're nothing but a laptop gangster."
by THATS MAH BITCH! April 18, 2010
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