A group of 2 people who are cool and awesome and beautiful and everything in between.
"Whoa, SuperGirl and SuperSid are laos to the max"

"Check out that turnip, it is not laos in any way"
by Steeeephen May 02, 2008
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A Lao is someone who is very slow with a very huge cock.
Girl 1: I wish I could be with someone like a Lao. Yes he's slow, but I could teach him things while knowing that I'll have an amazing sex life.
Girl 2: That sounds amazing! I want to get with someone like a Lao too!
by Meme.addict May 29, 2016
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A small landlocked country in Southeast Asia, bordering Thailand to the west and Vietnam to the east. Also one of the last 5 remaining communist countries. Known for being the most bombed country in the world (Vietnam war).
Laos is a extremely beautiful country with its waterfalls and mountains.
via giphy
by Serbian_Ops’95 December 27, 2018
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lao like l*ao is a word used by boomer gang members lao means laughing ass off
guy: does something funny

everyone else in the boomer gang: lao
by lfao December 23, 2019
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As We All know theletters LAo upside down and to the left depict someon jacking there tilliwacker....Also The L the A and The O stand for Lube And Orgasm!
Jeramiah still likes to LAO to pictures of Jedidiah.....he even told me a story about it once....LOL!
by Maggott May 05, 2005
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a group of race from southeast asia who like to add sugar in their pho.
Laos people like to ruin a good bowl of pho by adding sugar to it.
by anonoymous! June 11, 2007
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"LAO" can be claimed to be an elite group or club as a prank to write it on someone's hand with the most permanenet marker you can find. When written at a slant going left to right and downward, connecting the letters, and viewed upside down, it makes the form of a stick figure masturbating. Good laugh!
You can't really tell when it's typed...
by ZAKtheGeek March 24, 2005
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