The term for something related to Laos. Used as a common username on social medias.
Exp. 1
"Look at that Lao boy."
Exp. 2
"Hello Lao."
"Hello Friend."
by FFFlight April 11, 2021
A way of describing an epic creation
Did you hear about the new game coming out??
Yea its such a lao bot
by omgsuchbad March 22, 2021
This slang means to get away from me in southwestern mandarin. Mo means no; Ai means to have any kind of body contact; Lao Zi literally means father yet here means the slang speaker.

This slang became a meme since a famous bamboo rat keeper is likely to make up some silly excuses in order to eat his livestock.
A guy that you dislike: Fist bump.
You: Mo Ai Lao Zi.
by Ritado Atashi November 15, 2018