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Someone who believes with all their heart that he's truly better than everyone at anything he does. The Truth is he sucks at absolutely everything he does.

Someone Who is classified as a Landan Stevens is someone that only runs baseline in any NBA 2k game, but since iso moves were created he found a new way to cheese.

J Ribs is the preferred Dick eat topic for a Landan. They claim J Ribs is their inspiration for competitive gaming and they believe they have the nastiest movement.

a Landan Stevens is someone who talks like they have a crazy cross in real life but when trying to cross has a very high tendency to dribble of their knee. But even when the conditions are perfect and they complete the cross it's so ugly that an eight year old would laugh.

Landan Steven's are people that wonder into groups but nobody in any group wants him.
1.You suck kid how could you possibly believe your good, you're just a Landan Stevens

2. Yo stop this Landan Steven's trash and do something besides run baseline and spam iso moves

3."Oh my, J ribs just gave the hardest rowdy strafe"

"Wow kid stop Landan Stevening"

4. Lol kid that was a Landan Stevens cross

5.Yo stop pulling a Landan Stevens and and leave us alone
by Cody Peet October 07, 2012
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