One of the worst people you will ever meet, and her hairline is the wackest you will ever see.
Lala loves to fuck her "hook-up" from louisville.
by Your_hAiR_iS_tRaSh April 10, 2019
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A person who is very loveable, gets along with anyone, and smokes candy on the low with their penguin squad.
Lala the girl with the fat ass and smokes that good candy.
by NachoCheeseBITCH November 19, 2017
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Text abbreviation: Laugh All Loud And Shit
Friend: (GIF)
Me: That was funny, bro LALAS!!
by Kcodrumdrol October 05, 2018
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La la is a very beautiful and nice girl with looks to kill with her looks she gets all the boys her sister loves her and even wants to be her
That girl is beautiful

No she is a la la
by A lovely person November 08, 2018
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