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Lakeville Minnesota is a town where you will find all sorts of people . The rich upper class prudes, Lower class stoners who some how obtain money to buy the things they need, homeless teenagers, bitches, sluts, jocks, etc . Then you have the police that have nothing better to do all day but follow around the local bad asses who are nothing but a big family "The Famm" doing what they need to, to survive . The use of cigarettes is at an astounding rate by the many under aged teens you are probably afraid your kids might end up like one day . Although these kids may smoke, drink, and think life has no purpose but to fucking party (and the town whores who like sex.. A LOT) they are some of the sweetest people you will find yourself coming across while your pumping gas at your car in the McKwik parking lot or brining your small children to play at the beach . By the way, Lakeville South . This world loves you even if we may have lost to some rich ass kids from Lakeville North .
"I smell bacon I smell grease . Oh my god it's the Lakeville police ! Oh shit, time to dip !" - Lakeville South

"Oh shit, another STD.." -Lakeville North

Thats Lakeville, MN for ya
by Gahhgahhhh October 14, 2010
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This is a town that is 20 minutes away from civilization. It is a 3rd ring suburb of Minneapolis meaning that it has just as many stupid annoying prep snobs who pompously think they're better than the rest of the world as Edina has. The only difference is they're now being mixed in with Rednecks and the state's supply of Meth-heads. This city has surprisingly few lakes for a town called LAKEville (I've only seen one maybe 2 there) and no matter where you are everywhere you could possibly want to be is inconveniently far away.
Minnesotan 1:Did you see all those woodticks?
Minnesotan 2:Yeah, we drove through Lakeville, MN.
by j3wman April 22, 2009
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