Lake Zurich High School is a huge school of over 2,000 students that is located in NW Illinois. It won some bullshit football and cheerleader competitions and has a bunch of clubs that only the nerds know about. However it recently became famous for two huge scandals. The first was in the fall of 2016 where football players were charged with hazing and making younger player perform sexual acts and do really sick shit. Several lawsuits by the parents were filled against the school. The second was in March, 2017, when a huge sexting scandal of hundreds of HS girls that included over 700 very nasty and slutty nude and porn photos where found when some dumb kid created a Google Doc online that included the school's address. All the naughty girls were talked to and warned not to be such attention seeking hoes and sluts or at least be quieter about being such naughty hoes. No charges were filled and some parents even complained that their poor naughty hoe daughters were being harassed.
Lake Zurich High School sucks but sure has a whole lot of serious hoes and weird sexual shit going on there.
by oceancats March 21, 2017
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Also known as Vape Zurich. The high school with the largest percentage of girls that end up in the ER for drinking.
ryan: “dude are you going to lake zurich high schools prom?”

connor: “nah dude I think i’m just going to the after party. Heard there’s going to be 5 cases of Busch...”
by anonlz2019 April 11, 2018
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Place where 100% of people lie about being drug-free. Located in Vape Zurich.
sam: hey where do you go to school?
franklin: vape zurich's very own Lake Zurich High School
sam: i see...
by squid lover August 10, 2016
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