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Ah, Lake Mary. A city of dreams, a city of nightmares. It's a small place, 15-20 min. north of Orlando. One of the wealthier suburbs, though not in the league of Winter Park or some such place. Roughly 15,000 people live here, though it usually fells like a lot less (except when the snowbirds fly in).

Places to go: On the whole, Lake Mary is a pretty respectable. Has its rich areas and its poor areas, all quite nice. But wait to you cross over I-4. Then you're in the big leagues, son. There's Heathrow, Alaqua, the non-neighborhood Markham Woods, and for the true assholes with money to burn, there's Alaqua Lakes, rated the most exclusive neighborhood in Seminole County. Should you ever need to capture a real-life poser or wannabe for testing medicines or whatever, that's your place to be. Too rich for the city, too poor for Alaqua, but snobbish enough for Beverly Hills. Homes here start in the $750K range. Country Club membership, $14K minimum. No non-millionaires need apply.

Things to do: Nothing really. Simple answer, go to Orlando.

There's also Lake Mary High School. Generally a solid school, great academically, but with it's fair share of assholes, though Lake Mary Prep draws most away.

That should cover it. Lake Mary, upper-middle-class suburb of Orlando. Move here if you can afford to, but be prepared for a wave of asshattery unparalleled in the South. Nice place. Yeah.
Lake Mary, FL, city of lakes. Given, of course, there are no lakes in the city. None.
by LakeMaryFTW August 13, 2010
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