A term online gamers use to express that the other gamer has a slow connection.

An expressive way to deny that gamer has beaten you
#1. Wow dude your such a lagger

#2. How did you kill me?! you lagger!
by feezy January 06, 2008
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A user on an MMORPG or RTS game that causes high/low latency issues, also causes lag or dies three seconds into playing.

Often misused as a name for a server or website that causes you lag.
(Reference commonly used)
Bud1: That lagger's going to crash so soon!
Bud2: Yeah, he's not at the right latency setting!

(Starcraft referencing
Alias1: Our game is going too slow! Ban the lagger!
Alias2: Fucking hell, *Saves game as "WHO THE FUCK IS THE LAGGER!?".
by Spaztik-Plaztik May 24, 2007
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A sanctimonious driver who leaves hundreds of feet between himself and the guy in front of him while driving in heavy highway traffic. Laggers think they are saving energy and being safe drivers but actually they induce people behind them to change lanes to get around them thereby increasing the likelihood of accidents, never mind all the stress and aggrivation they cause. They are too stupid to see that if everyone drove like them, there would be no room on the highways during rush hour.
Passenger: "Why are you driving so slow?" Driver: "Because of this fucking lagger in front of me. Just give me a second to get around him. Christ, I hate those assholes".
by doog revird April 02, 2010
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Someone who can't, or chooses not to, keep up with the walking pace of the rest of the group, and trails behind. Followed by the phrase "who's the lagger?" to taunt said lagger.
Natalie was mincing around behind the rest of the group daydreaming and keeping everyone in front waiting for her. "Who's the lagger?" they shouted. She was.
by Buchinski December 11, 2008
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A male who, when in the company of several other males (e.g. part of an athletic team) and leaving a public dressing/locker room, lags behind the others for a minute in hopes of catching a secret glimpse of naked male bodies.
The football team quickly branded Brad as a lagger.
by sturge February 12, 2003
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someone in an online game who has a very fast computer with an internet connection designed in the stone age (aol/msn). symptoms include jumpyness and uberl33t killin skillz due to lag. generally found on the game called GraalOnline.
"d00d that bitch is such a lagger my sword couldnt penetrate her hole any day of the week!"
by pikaj00 February 03, 2004
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drugs. smoke weed every day en do nothing else
herione. taking it every day en relaxt that's all
ho's. fucking all the day and sale there soul to the devil.
some people have now meaning in live. there laggers. no live soldiers how life from someone's taxe there are lagging in the seciytie i hate those people ther elagging all the time.
by mike doves May 01, 2006
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