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A small town in the east bay where a lot of wealthy white folks live. Kids get very good education and most go to college. Teenagers love to party and smoke a lot of weed while their parents work great jobs and cover for their kid's partying. Its a very fun town to live in!
"Beer Pong and Weed are common interests for many teenagers in Lafayette, California." says Lafayette kid.
by Lafayette Kid January 09, 2010
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A place which some people call "the bubble" because it is so sheltered. Rich white kids live in 4 million dollar houses and minorities live in 500 thousand apartments. In one of the wealthiest places; the Bay Area. Sometimes white boys like to pretend like they are black because they smoke weed but they are truly not and will never be.
"Woah I just saw a homeless person!!!! Those exist??!?"
"Yeah one time I went to San francisco and saw one. Never seen one in Lafayette, California before."
by WhaWhaaaa!?!? December 07, 2014
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