when you see a girl at a long distance, and your not sure if it is she hot or not
hey do you see that chick way down there?
yeah but shes lady gaga'd right now we need a better look
by word destroyer May 23, 2010
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Stupid attention whore, who isnt really crazy or anything but just acts like it because she wants attention so bad. Its very obvious to tell that shes an attention whore, because her music is just so bland and unoriginal
Did you see lady gaga's new outfit?

yeah what a pathetic attention whore
by Ignighted November 08, 2009
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I guess nerds don't liker her cause they say she uses special effects on her voice (which she does), but she can also sing great live.

Musically speaking she's been playing piano by ear since she was 4, wrote her first ballad at 13, and has been playing in clubs in New York since she was 14 or 15 years old. She was one of 20 to get early admission into NYU and graduated with a BA from NYU's art school.

Her songs have all made a significant impact on music of 09 by having all her singles sell more than a million copies. Having sold almost 10 million in singles. As well as charting significant places,

You don't have to like her , and she's not everyones cup of tea. But don't come onto urbandictionary just so you can let out your teenage against about how you don't like her.
Lady Gaga studied music and dance all throughout her life and worked her way to fame, she didn't win a contest or have rockstar parents.

Don't hate on her cause she makes pop music and cause she's new.
by Dontstartshxt July 12, 2009
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A hideous, clownish, and untalented puppet hired by money hungry business people to indocrinate the stupid by replacing real human thought with sexual urges. An extension of pointless dance music from the nineties. A priestess for the church of Ignore The Suffering In The World And Screw Mindlessly. A user of millions of dollars to create meaningless drivel that appeals to mindless herds who only like what is on the surface. A nobody whose fifteen minutes will soon be up, along with the dying music industry that promotes the worst of everything.
A hyena creates more music than Lady Gaga.

When I want to become numb to things that matter, I listen to Lady Gaga; her songs make me forget I ever had a thought in my head.

America's cultural wasteland could not be expressed more clearly than through Lady Gaga.
by Inscrutable June 02, 2010
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-Cher 2.0

but with a tighter ass
Lady Gaga went to the surgeon to get her testicles removed...for the third time
by Puhercules May 02, 2010
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