the hermaphridite that IS NOT from yonkers.....she smells like a man......a homo man.
''Yo gee!! u SMELL like a Lady GaGA!!''
by Phara Foscet April 23, 2010
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Lady Gaga is a singer/songwriter/instrumentalist.
Her real name is stefani.
People love her and hate her.
Some think shes a hermaphrodite, I dont think she is though..

Lady Gaga is not as ORIGINAL as you may believe she is... shes copied numerous people including: Roisin Murphy, Grace Jones, Christina Aguilera, Madonna, David Bowie etc. I know people need inspirations and such but Gaga simply copied ALL these people.. she obviously makes it her own/takes it to a whole NEW LEVEL which is cool i guess but its still unoriginal, and in the end gaga gets all the credit for it. which sucks especially if you love x-tina.

And she loves the gays.
Jessica: "Oh my god! Lady gaga is so different and original!!! gotta love her!"

Deanna:"Lady gaga isn't original shes just an ex-stripper copycat!"
by Jessica Fimmel June 12, 2010
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The best person ever. At age 18, Lady Gaga graduated from Paris Hilton's Dumb blonde stripper school as valedictorian. At the age of 21, although having no talent at all, she gave special favors to top record executives in order to make a name for herself and become one of the music industries top artists. Although her only talent is giving handjobs, her album "the fame" has sold over 10 million copies worldwide showing that even if you have no musical talent whatsoever, if you use a machine to alter your voice and give plenty of handjobs, you too can achieve greatness.
Bob: Oh my god that lady gaga concert was awesome
Dave: You're a dude, why did you go see lady gaga
Bob: Well yeah, her singing was shit, but she gave out handjobs backstage
Dave: Aww man, I shouldve went.
by JDizzleFoShizzle4 October 09, 2010
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When a man partakes in the act of wearing outrageous clothing in an effort to hide a tucked penis from your audience.
Jonny: WOW! Did you see that singer was actually a man?

Billy: No I didnt, her outfits were so different and intruiging!

Jonny: Oh no, you just got the Lady GaGa treatment!

by Sir Ricks A Lot December 15, 2009
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A very weird pop singer. Everyone praises her for being "unique" and "original", but in reality she is an oversexualized attention-seeker.

She copies musicians like Madonna and September. Even though her voice is OK she ruins all her songs with computerized sounds.

Her music videos are scary as hell and should not be watched alone in the dark.

Overall she is a bad Influence to many teenage girls because she uses sex appeal to get money and attention. She is also bisexual, big surprise.
Lady Gaga: We got a redlight, Pornographic dance fight

Person: No, thanks
by Grasshoppa September 04, 2010
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A woman with a penis, also called a hermaphrodite. She does though have much success in the pop culture through her overplayed song "Poker Face".
K-Mac: Hey do you like Lady Gaga?
Ethan: No, she has a penis! That would be so awkward in bed.
by KMac aka Panda January 01, 2010
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Tranny Madonna wannabe with a penis. She is not original, she is not creative, and she has about as much musical talent as your average high school band student.

Bob: We are no longer friends.
by FannyFondler October 03, 2010
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