one of the best women in the world, i hope she is having a good day right now she really deserves it. a lifesaver and inspiration. I'll remember u forever - salem
lady gaga is singing tonight!
by swinectrl January 05, 2021
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Joanne, Mother Monster, Stefani, GodGa, more known as Lady Gaga is a female singer came to Earth in 2009 to save that music industry 'cause bitch, we had to do something. Creator of unicorns, gays, pop music, "YAASSSS!", all the planets, and the german language, she also had some big hits like "Bad Romance" (1 billions views on Youtube) & "Born This Way" (made born all the gays on Earth). She won't sign no monkey papers 'cuz that's Money Honey. She has now an upcoming album called "Chromatica" which seems to go back on her planet #EarthIsCanceled and you better stream that shit.
Long Story Short, she's a god to us (religion check), and we have so much cults for our queen Monster.
Locals: I wish i could on a cult.. But i don't which one.
literally me: Bitch, do you even know Lady Gaga?
by ewaanou March 25, 2020
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mother monster, the creator of universe, humans, animals, elements and german, is also known as lady gaga.
β€œis lady gaga daddy?”
by sapphicyuz March 03, 2021
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