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LaShairia (La-shy-re-uh) is an African American girl with a lot of schwag and potential to go somewhere in life this girl is always about her money and doesn't let anyone with in the way of her shine

LaShairia a girl who loves her some Lil Twist and Chris Brown

LaShairia a cute well dressed intellegent girl who loves and cares for her family and friends

LaShairia is a role model to girls all over the world,and aspiring model
Person 1: Have you ever heard of LaShairia "ShairiEffBabi" Stanley
Person 2: Yes girl is such and inspiration ! My daughter looks up to her

Boy 1: Man why yo girl don't have swagg , don't she hang out with LaShairia "ShairiEffBabi" Stanley?
Boy 2: Man don't even start it's not my fault she can't be like LaShairia "ShairiEffBabi" Stanley
by Rashad B. July 26, 2012
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