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Defined in articles as one of the best high schools in the US and the best public school in southern Maryland. But... what local teens know it as spoiled rotten, rich, druggie, sluts and oh yes, all the white people (sike we all knew that).

It is white people galore at La Plata and the only sports we can win are... you guessed right! White people sports! Golf, Tennis, Wrestling, Field Hockey, Lacrosse, Soccer, Ect.

But I digress, yeah... tons and tons and tons of drugs. Tons and tons and tons of STD's and lots and lots of of daddy's girls and boys running around in cars that cost more than all of St. Mary's County while putting their face in a coke bag and tokin a doobie.

Yessir that's La Plata. 6 out of 7 of the only black people in school come from the meadows and are known for their dirtiness and coming straight from DC and skipping the whole PG/Waldorf experience.

But if you ever think you see a La Plation... think to yourself. 1)Do they carry around too much money? 2)Do they wear excessive amounts of perfume/cologne 3)Do they drive a luxury vehicle worth more than your house? 4)Do they seem to be the only white people at parties in the Dorf? If you said yes to all of that, then you just might have one.
Andrea Rockefeller: OMG I am hella syced for this partay in the dorf tomorrow!!! Chill a sec... I gots to get ma dutch bag from the Beamer. Ugh like La Plata High School has so much drama. But atleast I have money!

Matthew Kennedy III: Sounds straight, hold up lemme crotch this shit before Kaylor gets at me again. My parents said I can't go to Aruba if I get caught 3 more times.

Andrea Rockefeller: Blowwwwnnn
by FuckdaPOPO4sure January 18, 2010
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It's absolutely whores galore at Laplata High School. Where rich white boys run around with too much money and talk shit about other football teams when their record has consistently been 0-10. The football players at Laplata are all... you guessed it white hence the consistency of their 0-10 records. Laplata high school has an extreme variety of student ranging from the rednecks from the deep south to the dirty ass whores from your local community garbage disposal. The only sports that are excelled at in La Plata are....... you guessed it preppy white boy sports (golf,lacrosse,tennis,wrestling,cross country, and picking up girls). Expect La Plata to contain the meager amount of African American men always causing trouble and a asian running around shaving off his eyebrows.
African American 1"Lets get into a petty ass fight in La Plata High School"
African American 2" better yet lets not pay back the bets we owe"
African American 1"Great idea!"
by Exposing LP whores July 05, 2017
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