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A near west suburb of chicago thats a pretty chill place. forest preserve on two sides to seperate it from broadview and westchester, north side of brookfield to the east, and la grange to the south. the west side of la grange road has the money, and the east side is just average people. always just gets lumped in with la grange but its not the same because lgp keeps it real. every kid plays baseball and belongs to the village field club or the la grange field club, not country clubs. lots of irish people and theres even a small parade that goes down harding ave from the east side to the west side, ending with a party at some dudes house that anyone can go to. st francis xavier is the catholic school on the west side, but there is another, st louise de marillac, on the east side, but they play sports against oak park schools and other places near the city. lgp is such a chill place and everyone knows everyone and hangs out in downtown lagrange and goes to lt, rb, naz, fenwick, or ignatius. lgp is the crossroads of the west burbs and will always be awesome
Where u from
la grange park
wheres that
north of la grange
pretty chill
by togdog January 27, 2011
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1. The best suburb of Chicago
2. Home of some of the best pizza (Alex and Aldo's), elementary school, and places to go downtown.
CHICK #1: Dude what part of Chicago do you live in?

CHICK #2: Freaking La Grange Park!!

CHICK #1: OMG not fair!
by nunzio44 August 27, 2009
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