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Lost Boyz made up group when lead singer freakay tuhh died. It was formed in 134th street queens. It is still running there. It has been running everywhere in NY. They are rivals with the gang LF which is Lost Foundation. LB claims number 7 and the color black. You have to get jumped to join.
Steve:Dis nigga right here is false claiming us LB fam son!
Jeff: Nah B he fam.
Jeff: wat up cuzz?
by bajokolotan October 31, 2007
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L.B Fam also known as the Lost Boyz.
formed after rapper of group the Lost boyz freaky tah was shot and killed. It is only in New York.Mainly around Queens where it was started in the four oriqinal blocks 131 132 134 and 135 st Queens. Many people refer to them as a gang because of the acts of violance they cause and for the fact that they where a bandana.They refer to them selves as a family(FAM).They currently are rivals with street gang LF which is the Lost Foundation.Lost Boys members refer to them as Lost Faggots .To Join you have to get squared(jumped in).
You can also be blessed in.
They where a black bandana.
color= Black
Usually as a joke a member would say "LF" to another member and the other member would reply "Killa" as a form of disrespect toward Rival gang LF
there are four sets of LB
131 backstreets (common)
132 backstreets (not very common)
134 allstars (very common)
and 135 backstreets (common)
They have their own mettings usually held at parks during the afternoon.
they are assosiated with other gangs like bloods or crips.
if you are a blood and also a member you are known as an LBB
if you are a Crip and also a member you are known as LBC.
they rock the number 7.

Member 1:"LF!"
Member 2:"KILLA!"
Member 1:"ahahaha"
Member 2:"ahahaha , wass good fam"

"it's LB Fam for lyfe reppin that 7 till tha death,keep are L's up to tha sky we bang for tha fam"

by O.G SPAZZ April 05, 2009
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