Lucky Strike Tax - short LAX. Is a urban means of payment.
One Lax is one pack of Lucky Strikes.
Wherever you are on this nice planet, with LAX, you dont have any probs to pay your driver, guide, lunch or the f*** o** duty.
There is no other currency with this kind of acceptance.
Ok dude, give me one Lax and i bring u to the beach.
by TheFancyLGDude December 10, 2009
a word used to describe ones "swag" clothing, often used by urban hipsters and guidos.
Also used to describe shitting the bed or your pants.. usually your pants though.
Bros, this is just lax clothing I'm not gonna wear my laundry shirts I go out in on a sunday night.

You guys are going lax out there.
*snickers*Chebull's swag clothing?
No, your shitting your pants.
by Bigger Easy September 27, 2010
Someone who acts as a Latinx
My son is lax
by January 27, 2022
The hottest mf in the planet. Got more bitches than u prob
by discordian123 February 4, 2022
A shortened version of the word relax, such as to tell someone who is too hyper to relax, without saying the word.
Mark youre too agitated bro, lax.
by BINGBONG96 February 25, 2019
A word to describe and differentiate types of lacrosse.

White Collar Lacrosse (WCL) is the type of lacrosse player or team that gives lacrosse its stereotypes, the rich white boy game for kids that do not like to physically challenge themselves.

Blue Collar Lacrosse (BCL) is the type of Lacrosse that is played by kids, people, and atheletes who aren’t afraid of getting hurt, not affraid of getting dirty or hurting others to display a good, hard faught game.
“Careful, CHS plays Blue Collar Lax, their defense are killers.”

Hard-working lacrosse players, usually from a less funded program.
by proncegonge May 9, 2018