A veritable orgy, with none of the next-day guilt and unexplained pregnancies.
by placebo February 11, 2005
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guy1:hey man im bringing my system over for the


guy2:cool, bring your sister too.
by Rukassu January 26, 2010
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Lan Party, Group of computers connected to Play games and share porn.
person 1:What? we had a good night 700gb of porn shared between the 10 of us haha
person 2: but I owned ur ass at ut
Person 1: But I stole ur "a55 5luts video"
by Mike rackhabit January 03, 2004
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xbox lan party
lan parties are just for computer nerds. I myself love lan parties because we can always bring our xboxes to other people's house. The main point of a lan party is the play games with your fellow friends. Some people perfer games such as Halo2 or NBA football, we all have different taste. Usually the games arent taken seriously and mainly have fun.

pc lan parties
It is where I bunch of people who bring there PC to other places and game together. Main games are counterstrike, Halo etc.
I love lan parties, when is the next one?
by SPLiNTeR March 06, 2005
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A slang/secret term that refers to smoking marijuana. One would use it under certain situations where figures of authority, non-smokers, or fags are present and you don't want them to know what you're up to. Can also be yelled loudly when intoxicated, or to harass nerds.
Kenny: "It's a LAAAAAN PARTY!"

*Talking to nerds*
Dave: "Hey guys, wanna go LAN PARTY?"
Nerds: "No not right now, the LAN PARTY is Saturday night."
by Dave-Z March 09, 2010
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The alternate form of LAN Party. Also a temporarily established network for gamers to connect their computers to for multiplayer gaming.
Man, I got fragged so many times at his LANParty
by Shadow April 04, 2004
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like a normal party but with more computers, less alcohol and no girls.
I didn't go to Ted's party because I had a LAN party planned. I feel sorry for Ted having to spend all his time groping clunge and getting his buzz on when he could have been capturing the flag and pwning n00bs like me.
by JCB123 November 27, 2010
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