A gathering usually consisting of a group of friends, for fun or competition. This gathering involves either a Xbox, and/or a PC. Including games such as Counter Strike and/or Halo. LAN Parties usually go on all night due to extensive junk food consumption and caffeine, resulting in elongated sleep the night after the LAN Party.
When is your next LAN Party? I'm ready to pwn some n00bs!
by TheAmazingJordo November 04, 2005
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When your boyfriend gathers with his nerdy friends to play computer games all night instead of calling you up to say happy birthday.
"Hey, John, was Napoleon with you last night?"
"Why yes, he was at the LAN party, why?"
"It was my birthday and he didn't even call."
"Oh shit."
by brokenheartedgf August 06, 2008
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the phrase "lan" is derived from the abbreviation Local access network, pronounced phonetically.

Having hosted a few myself, I know there usually isnt gay orgy/porn transfer involved...

"lan party" as defined by thinkgeek.com:
A New Social Ritual Amongst The Elite

If you've never been to a LAN Party, you haven't lived properly (or you suck at gaming). If you suck at gaming, dont despair, you can still go to a LAN party, jack in, and just sniff packets and write code and still have some fun. Or you can be the sysadmin and setup the networking or you can just handle the food and beverages (get me my Bawls!)

Ah, sweet LAN parties...The stimulating scent of caffeine, the verbal jousting, the smell of pepperoni lingering in the air, the floor a tangled infestation of cat5, the neon lights of case mods poking through the scene like lasers in fog. Nothing quite like it. And when the gaming starts, everybody becomes so intense. One frag leads to the next, emotions wax and wane as gibs amass and levels change, here an unnamed player, there an elite commando with uncanny aim. Over time, the LAN party itself, a single organism, breathing, hunting....

Or something like that.
Gamer 1: Hey man are you going to Sean's for that new-year's LAN party?
Gamer 2: Nah, I'm too much of a rookie, you guys would own the hell out of me :(
by Mouse November 01, 2004
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A LAN party, as it is referred to by outsiders, is actually a brutal orgy that is organised by the high ruling Weeaboo's of the PC community. The term LAN party is actually an organised criminal event where Weeaboo's pray on the young bottoms of teenage nerds in order to fulfil their virginous Weeaboo destiny.

Many of the young teenagers that attend these LAN parties are never seen again. Some say the Weeaboo kings chain them to their walls as trophies whilst they commit mass killings on Apex Legends.
Hello young nerd, would you like to come to our LAN party tonight? The high king weeaboo master will be in attendance. Don't tell anyone where it is and make sure your phone is switched off. Bring plenty of snacks and Vaseline.
by TheBasicMUFC August 27, 2019
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A coagulation of the worlds young to middle-aged virgins into one, testosterone free room. These individuals are usually male, but have many alias' via the internet. They live their life mostly on-line and restrict their social agenda to Lan party's and the occasional ultimate frisbee game. These LAN goers know their way around a computer, but not the elusive "vagina". You see them on the streets, wearing finger-less gloves,tank goggles, and the clever comment tee. If you hear a song that you think couldnt possibly be liked by anyone, there is probably a LAN man around.
Josh: so what are ya'll doing this weekend?

X: i'm going hunting

Ian: *turns down Indie music...i'm going to a LAN party... *turns Indie music back up and slides on tank goggles
by joshuascott October 09, 2008
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It's like group sex for nerds
I can't wait for that LAN party, I haven't done it for quite a long time now.
by Wiffo June 13, 2008
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A Party, Usually involving A "Lot 'a' Nerds"
Q: Hey... what does LAN Party Stand for???

A: Lot'a'Nerds
by insertusernamehere July 27, 2007
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