Kylo Ren is a fictive character from the Star Wars-Universe. He was first seen in Star Wars IV movie "The force awakens". He was the first and only child of Han Solo And Leia Organa. He is mostly known for his unique lightsaber with two small lasers to each side. Kylo Ren is a sith lord which is an evil master of the dark side.
by emokylor3n March 5, 2016
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Getting angry at something to the point of whipping out your lightsaber and smashing up everything around you, just like the new Star Wars villain, Kylo Ren.
My friend and I were watching the game, and our team lost. My mate got so pissed off, I saw him do a Kylo Ren.
I now need a new lounge and TV.
by Gardz February 26, 2016
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Kylo Ren is the pussy of an antagonist in the star wars sequels. He has a christian lightsaber and rips off Darth Vader.
Kylo Ren is kinda gay, isn't he?
by Sab-E.R January 19, 2020
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A person who has the appearance and/or physique of Adam Driver (actor who plays Kylo Ren in the Star Wars franchise)
Person 1: you know that one waiter at the Ihop near Walmart?
Person 2: which one?
Person 1: the one that’s a Kylo Ren lookin’ headass
Person 2: oooh, yeah I know him!
Person 1: he has mega autism.
Person 2: LOL,big fax!
by MacropenisShaggySkooks December 10, 2018
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