To Kylo Ren someone:
When giving a blowjob, the giver reaches up in a Kylo Ren motion to choke the receiver as they continue to give a blowjob to climax. The giver must have long arms to achieve this incredible feat.
Did you hear that Taylor was kylo renning Xander last weekend? He said it was the most intense sensation he’s ever had.
by Lzrdgrl July 31, 2019
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kylo ren is a punk bitch, he probably weighs thirty pounds soaking wet under that little black dress; gets stressed when you yell; throws tantrums and has anger issues; needs to get his shit together; highkey an angsty, edgy, teenage a-hole
by bb-9e January 5, 2018
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The act of getting a temper tantrum in the middle of interrogations. Most commonly used by space fairing, lazer sword wielding little cunt boys.
Your kid needs to chill, he's acting all Kylo ren up in this bitch.
by Bae Cinnamon December 31, 2016
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Kylo is a powerful, emotional, cross guard saber wielding knight of ren that is not to be fucked with. He's often seen as emo due to his unusually well kept raven hair and pale skin with the occasional temper tantrum. kylo is of the skywalker lineage and he is screwing up the galaxy just like his dear old grandad Darth Vader. He's got major issues but he's still one of the most layered and dynamic characters in the Star Wars Universe. kylo ren inherited his parent's (Han and Leia) wit and sass and he is often bickering with his boyfriend General Hux.
person: oh man did you see that new Star Wars movie?!

me: hell yeah kylo ren is so angry at the entire galaxy it was amazing
by tisty toasty May 16, 2016
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Being the biggest EMO in the Star Wars universe
Hey you know that kylo Ren guy? I heard he's the biggest emo loooool
by Vote Mike Nolan for councilman January 10, 2018
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Some faggy teen emo angst kid with daddy issues.
"Man, Jacob is being such a Kylo Ren. All he's done for the past week is gone to hot topic, and listen to "Crawling," and "My Immortal" nonstop while complaing about how is parents don't understand him.
by sand26 December 28, 2016
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