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Kylie ann Petrie is pretty much the definition of the coolest person in the world. tu sabes? yeah, kids with the name kylie ann petrie are defined as cool kids. But too bad for you, because there is one and only one kylie ann petrie. so for all of you other kids, you are just losers. Just so you all know. Kylie ann petrie's can be lame at time, and aren't too funny. But they are most deffinately loved by Stephanie ann Petrie's . And kylie ann petrie's only think kisses on the forhead are cute by stephanie ann petrie's! If you are kylie ann petrie...YOU ARE THE COOLEST PERSON IN THE WORLD! <3 only not reallly.. tu sabes?cool.
Kylie ann petrie and stephanie ann petrie have been biffs since pangea split apart. wow, are you getting a nosebleed? D:
by Stephanie pangea March 09, 2009
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