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A 'Kush Baby' - similar to a bush baby - is a new-comer to the world of dank kush.

Although no expert at 420 blazing, a 'Kush Baby' is still eager to sample the world of chong; looking up to Kush Daddy's like 'Snoop' and 'J-Dog' for tips and tricks.

'Kush Baby's' need to be taken care of in many ways, for example;

Providing them with water in case that kush chronic makes them cough up a lung.

Ensuring they cross roads safely when baked like a potato.

One on one wacky baccy lessons, e.g. 'Quickfire Kush".
"You've got to breathe in until it goes to your chest, Kush Baby."

"I'm still a young Kush Baby, how do you expect me to rip hella bongs 24/7 ?!!?"
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by Kush Daddy J-Dog September 20, 2016
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