Kurt is a piece of garbage that is always trying to discriminate people for who they are. They try to make you feel bad for themselves by making you feel absolutely worthless and gay. He's a pimp that sleeps with 5 women at once just to please himself. He stares women in the eyes and takes them to his special place.

Girl1: Have you met Kurt?
Girl2: Yeah, he's a perv...
Girl3: I heard that he got it on with his teachers.
Kurt: Hey!
(Women run away screaming)
by BobIsWeird April 11, 2018
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a fart that clings to you after you farted. almost opposite of a crop-duster, a fart whose smell you thought you outran.
i ran to the other room to fart so no one would smell, but when i came back to the room, everyone's faces melted: i kurted.
by babsohboy December 19, 2016
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Kurt - a male in his 20s or early 30s. Drives a Prius, Mini, or Suburu. Self-important. Low on confidence and not good at intelligent responses, so often just calls people Karen or Boomer instead. In need of a safe space, a skinny latte, and a tissue.
Oh don't be offended... he is a Kurt; he can't handle women with opinions.
That guy called you Boomer? Don't worry, he's just intimidated by your post.
by TooFunny2 November 17, 2019
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Kurt. Some people may even call him Kurtis the Turtis.

Others call him the dreamy guy that everyone wants to be with, even though he only cares about irrelevant things such as skating and making lewd noises during class.
Simply put.... He's the idiotic sk8r boiii that you typically find in high school.
Girl 1:Omg is that Kurt?
Girl 2: Yeah it is. Isn't he cute!
Girl 1: Yasssss gurrl. What. A. Guy.

Girl 1: Is that the skater guy that you're always talking about, Melissa?
Girl 2: Yeah, it is. What a cunt.
by Chezzelly August 22, 2017
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