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The lands where Kurdish people living on. Although some people deny its existence with idiotic Turkish nihilist propaganda methods, like considering the Kurdistan as an imaginary region, Kurdistan is an official state with her own currency, army, flag and bureaucracy in the northern part of Iraq. So, there are 3 Kurdistan:

-Kurdistan Federal Region (Heremi Kurdistan) in Iraq; which is gained her autonomy in 1970

-Kurdistan Province (Perezgeha Kurdistane) in Iran.

-Kurdistan Region (contains both official and unofficial)
(in Diyarbekir, Irbil, Sanandja or Duhok):

-Excuse, where am I?
-You are in Kurdistan.

So, when you ask these question in the region called as Kurdistan, people will tell you nor you are in Iraq, neither Turkey, neither Iran; and neither Assyria, neither Armenia.

That's what Kurdistan is.

by catala June 26, 2011
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Eastern Iran, Northern Iraq, Western Syria, Southern Turkey and parts of Armenia. Was intended to be a nation in the 1920 treaty of Serves, but then European powers, urged by the sadistic Turks, Arabs, and Iranians, refused to make it a country.
Much debate comes from this region, mainly from the Kurds desire to claim their basic human rights to live with dignity and have a freedom of speech-which has been denied to them in each of the aforementioned countries. Many deny the rights or the existance of a Kurdish State, however they are the largest ethnic group without their own state.
AttaTurk (AKA Attafuck), Saddam Hussein, and the Syrian government have tried to exterminate the Kurds, but non of their attempts have been succesful or ever will be, biji kurdistan, bimrin konadar.
by peshmargam April 20, 2011
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Literally, the land of the Kurds. First traces of Kurdistan date back 5000 years, when it is established that the Kurdish race became known as just that; a race.

Currently, Kurdistan has a land area equal to that of France and Belgium combined.

After the redrawing of the Middle Eastern map in the aftermath of the First World War, the Kurds were left without a country to call their own, resulting in them being the largest ethnic group without a a country.

Kurdistan was divded into 4 parts, but the Kurds have retained their identity in each of the annexed parts.
"Look at the flag of Kurdistan, look at its history, see how red they both are"
by Nores Dara June 27, 2004
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It is an imaginary "state" of kurdish people who live mostly on northern Iraq and some in southern Turkey. All the kurds claim that Turkey, Syria, Iraq and Iran have "invaded"(?) their lands AS IF there had been any kurdish state in history. All they want is to make their wish come through by taking some land from those 4 real-life country. Moreover, their dream has led too many innocent deaths (approximately 30.000 people in Turkey only)for almost 25 years.
Do you know where Kurdistan is?

Uh yes, it is where bloody kurdish dream from,
by Ellamanes October 27, 2007
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A FAKE "state" that stretches through 4 nations. The land they claim to be theirs belong to the Assyrians and the Armenians. It's in their bloodline to lie about it, however.

They were used as murder puppets by the Ottoman Turks and were used to commit genocide on the Assyrians. After being used as puppets, the Turks decided to invade most of "Kurdistan" to kill them off.

There's approximately 23-31 million of these hooligans in the world, mostly in Turkey, Iran and Iraq. They have an extremely crazy dream of one day forming a nation on Assyrian/Armenian soil. The women are freakishly ugly and the men are too lazy to even work.

Also, ignore the high amount of thumb ups of the definitions here on UD regarding Kurds. Any jackass can post a definition about a random "state" first and give it thumb ups every day, or talk about their ugly women and praise to the rest of the world about their "beauty".
Idiot Kurd from "Kurdistan": man we're gonna form a nation some day on Assyrian soil, maybe even take some from the Armenians. Assyrians are idiots anyway ARE THEY DEAD YET?

Smart person: No. In fact, Assyrians are smarter than you smelly Islamic fucks. And forget about it, you will never form a nation. You guys are too pathetically weak to do so, anyway.
by KurdiFAKE August 05, 2010
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