Kudo Shinichi is a death magnet who 'One day, when he was at a theme park with his childhood sweetheart, Mouri Ran. He encountered some men in black involved in some shady business.' Being the noisy hot meitantei we all know him as, he followed and watch them trade guns with cash. Being extremely interested in the shade, he failed to notice the other man in black sneaking behind him and knocking him out with a stick/baseball bat/pole (depends on which movie/anime episode you were watching) and fell unconscious.

For some unknown reason, Gin was feeling weirdly kind and decided to feed him the pill that our favourite girl Miyano Shiho aka Sherry was working on at the time. So Shinichi swallowed it and guess what? He shrunk, into an identity he now currently use most often, Edogawa Conan.
A: He's such a Kudo Shinichi, no matter where he go something bad happens, like a murder or a robbery.
B: But he's so hot and smart and popular!
A: Exactly.
by windowcat1310 February 22, 2020
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is when someone says or does something not okay pertaining to the way of someones personal affiliations and beliefs and therefore that person results in negative kudos by set person. Therefore the person with negative kudos has to subject to the kudo obtainee to whatever punishment they may give.
If Bob gave you negative kudos for saying something unintelligiable then you would have to do what he says. Say for instance if he gave you negative kudos then he could say that you have to sing karoke or arm wrestle him. Then you would have to do set action requested.
by Woman on top of the world December 26, 2009
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The act of taking another person's deserved props or "Kudos"; Taking another persons opportunity to receive Kudos
bob: yesterday I bought Debra a birthday card and left it in her mailbox.
Ted: I told her it was from me......
bob: Kudo infringement!
by jjjduce December 12, 2009
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When the boss thinks he’s the best worker but can’t even work a full week.

Kudos to you bro”
Boy 1: I worked a full week this week.

Boy that doesn’t like Boy 1: Oh Kudos to You bro. (Sarcastic as f***
by ddogggg1301 September 06, 2021
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An exteremly painful strike. In which the person kudoing sticks their hand flat out and strikes left to right or up to down. One blow from this dangerous but rare move may leave one paralized or even dead.
Me dylan and Fabs were in a dangerous area so we used the Kudo chop to exterminate the villans.
by MOTson September 05, 2008
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When you finish something big at work that gets recognized by the top brass you're not recognized for doing the work. Your boss's boss is given the full amount of kudos and they in turn give a reduced amount of kudos to your immediate boss. By the time you get recognized there are only one or two kudos left.
"Jack suffered the full loss of the kudo trickle down theory after slaving on that project for six months. He got the last remaining kudo left. What a shame."

"Stacy only got a pat on the back from the remains of the kudo trickle down theory. All that work for one kudo."
by MR WOLF September 01, 2007
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