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An adjective, the term generally used for a cute girl while praising and showing affection, that to in a short sweet and time efficient way. However it can also be used to refer to those crappy talks to impress a random bangable chick. It can also be termed as an act of love out of lust. you ran into a hot chick the other day and made out with her. also had a date and other chessy stuffs and pickup line, so when your retarded friend refes to this incident to your other homes, he finds in inapproprite to explain every excruciating details. To save the trouble he says you see the guy over there, yes he did kuchi puchi to that girl
Oh! man, she looks so cute, I want to kuchi puchi her!!
I am so busy tonight, I have to kuchi puchi this girl.
by arinoo7 March 22, 2017
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