a confused kid. dork backwards. so dumb, that you think an elephant is a rhino or a giraffe. delirious. you've got issues.
"I'm such a confuseable krod."
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An addicting word created by the posse at the academy of allied health and science, and later used by the entire school. this word is used to refer to somebody or something that is different, annoying, or cool. Often used with the words "hag" "skeev" or "oh my God"
1. Omg skeev, can u believe that guy? he is such a krod!
2. Hey krod! I love you!
3. Wow krod, you are such a hag.
by a krod October 17, 2004
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Pronounced: k-rod

1. A term of endearment that is meant to show affection while simultaneously pointing out the fact the other is a dork. What the use of this term most effectively shows is that the geekiness of the other is embraced and in no way alters the perception of the other.

2. A term which is meant to show that a person being a dork is thought to be cute by another.
God you are such a krod that you google everything, but I think it's cute.
by nuttgod1701-D December 21, 2010
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Adjective: a very bland, dull person. The human version of the color beige.
I went on a date with this guy, and he was such a krod. We had nothing to talk about.
by absturse November 15, 2021
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A super cringey word created by a very extra couple for an equally extra way to say “I love you”
(DORK backwards)
“I krod you!”
“I krod you more!”
by happypappyunicornprincess January 07, 2019
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