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She's a nice white girl who get annoyed when people act like a poser. Gets along with Janesha well. Krishelake is blessed with a boyfriend. She's one of those girls who get along with everyone. Best friend with Jessica Hontz. It would be your mistake that Krishelaka doesn't like you anymore because 1. your being fake 2. your making decisions that will badly affect your future 3. your acting in ways that are pissing you off. A Krishelake you don't want to lose her and that would be your fault to let such an angel(well at least because she's got a good heart and personality) out of your sight. She will always see you for who you are. She will one day ask you why your wearing so much makeup. A Krishelaka looks way younger. She loves to fit in. Will be very sweet you over the internet and say things like "Holla back". One girley that can be a "babythug" because she calls herself names like Baby girl. You will never disagree with her. She has besties because people fall in love with how she respects others. If a Krishelaka doesnt like you anymore, sorry for you:(
A Krishelaka can be one of the realist girls.
by ChristianQueen May 16, 2018
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