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Half-joking derogatory name for denizens of the site DailyKos, made to have the same initials as the Ku Klux Klan.

Because Kos readers often attempt to win any argument by calling their opponents “racists” (even though the points of dispute generally have nothing to do with race), bloggers will scornfully turn the tables and fling the baseless accusations back in the face of the accusers.
Commentator: "The United States is a sovereign nation and has the right to govern itself, protect private property, and defend its borders."

Krazy Kos Kidz: "That's HATE speech; you're a racist!"

Commentator: "Obviously you want to repeal the 1st Amendment and put everyone with whom you disagree into a communist-style reeducation gulag."

Krazy Kos Kidz: "Only if they don't comply with the common good, Komrade."

by Garlic M. February 02, 2008
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