much better than american pop, or any other pop from any country. although, i am american and so ethnically mixed that i dont even know wutspecific countries im from, i know lots of korean pop.
Baby Vox, SES, FINKL, shinwa, CBMass, Papaya, Lemonade, Skool, BoA(bitch of assholes)
by SpicChinkNiggerHinduCracker December 21, 2003
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Overated dumb ass music that americans love for some fucking reason
"Kpop is so goood ! "
"It sucks dick, you whore "
by Tiktokthot14 March 12, 2019
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Is something very gay, usually played by girls or sissies.
Bob:"Hey Joe! There's this new cool song called Kpop or something, and i stanned this guy called junglebook or something."

Joe:"That's gay."
by LanciaAbarth_037 January 30, 2020
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Korean pop music. The current fad in the 21st century which will have dominated the world by the 22nd century. Includes either solo artist or groups, killer choreography, sexy persons with amazing personalities, and awesome music videos
Donnacia: Oh, did you hear the latest song by the Wonder Girls?
Jason: Who's the Wonder Girls?
Donnacia: They're a South Korean girl group who sing K-Pop.
Jason: What's K-Pop?
Donnacia: Korean Pop! The most amazing the on earth!(:


Suzuki: Which is better K-Pop or J-Pop?
La'Tisha: I say K-pop 'cause it's more Americanized and unique. But J-Pop is still good.
Suzuki: Oh you pooper! I except you to say J-Pop, haha!
Kim Yeol-Hee: I think they both are equally amazing!(:
by Eunnie~! January 16, 2012
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Another way to say โ€œok boomer.โ€
Because โ€œkโ€ is a shorter way to say โ€œok,โ€ and โ€œpopโ€ is something some people call their grandfather.
Boomer: โ€œYou kids spend all your time playing video games, go get some friends!โ€
Me: โ€œK-Pop.โ€
via giphy
by Thebirdman567 February 07, 2020
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