Kpop, or Korean pop, is a genre of music originating in South Korea. Contrary to the name of this type of music, you'll find various types of music incorporated into the songs that fall under this category. Don't let the hectic fandoms scare you though; the singing, dancing, rapping, lyrics and production are the reason why so many enjoy kpop! Millions also love kpop for giving East Asia a more positive representation.

Even if you don't understand every lyric in the song, the music is just as enjoyable as Western music! There are many devoted translators who work hard to have both the original Korean lyrics and translations. (often times in English, but there are still many for other languages)

The 'K' in kpop represents the genre's origins, Korea. Many people mix the meaning of the 'K' up. Anyone is allowed to enjoy kpop from the comfort of their home, with their friends, or they can audition and train to become a kpop idol! (kpop star)

Like all other genres of music, kpop has become a more internationally-loved type of music! You'll even find idols of various backgrounds debuted as soloists or as members in kpop groups!

Whether you like kpop for the music, performances or promotions, kpop is something that everyone can enjoy!

Let's all enjoy this unique genre of music and be kind!
"I really like this kpop song!"
"Kpop isn't my favorite genre of music."
"Who's that kpop idol? Their hair color looks so cool!"
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by momo reshelle March 01, 2021
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Much overhated music from South Korea. A complete package with visuals, vocals, rapping, and perfect choreography.
Literally so easy to get sucked into because the idols are more than just talent and looks, they're all complete dorks who make you fall in love instantly. There's a plethora of variety shows to watch and its just all around amazing.
But as I said, most people hate it without truly knowing anything about kpop.
Person 1- "Woah, is that Victon?"
Person 2- "Yeah, I've been trying to get into Kpop recently."
Person 1- "Who's your bias??"
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by stan mcnd for clear skin March 21, 2020
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A genre of music that is commonly referred to something that is either "gay" or "stupid" or something meant for only young teen girls or homosexuals. Though, it is simply a genre of music that sparked its popularity in 2015-2016 by the most well known group- BTS. It comes from Korea as a whole and not just South Korea. There has been many jokes about this type of music, usually putting it in a bad light which- for the most time is unneeded. K-Pop usually isn't even sometimes pop music, like The Rose or Day6. K-Pop fandoms come in many shapes and sizes, though, all of them have their own bad light and their good light. The most infamous things caused by fandoms are shipwars, scandals. K-Pop fans are normally sometimes called K-Pop stans, which relating to the name, Stan Loona is another infamous spike in the K-Pop fandom as a whole, everyone (almost) knows about it. Though, this has passed.
Person 1: "I like K-Pop."
Person 2: "I do too, what is your favorite group?"
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by clxddy_bins February 16, 2020
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An alternative form of Ok boomer, where k stands for "Ok" and pop for "grandpa"
Boomer: *not so good well reasoned rant about the use of smartphones in younger generations regarding a totally unrelated problem*
Every not boomer: Ok Boomer
Me and a few others enlightened: K-pop
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by eathtespagheti.sh February 09, 2020
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kpop is a type of music from KOREA, which contains girl groups, boy groups, mixed groups and solo artists.
- "kpop is chinese"
- "i didn't know k stands for china"
by arimy December 22, 2020
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K-Pop is a type of music from KOREA. It contains boy groups, girl groups, mixed groups and solo artists
K-Pop is NOT Chinese
by arimy December 07, 2020
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