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A Jewish scam on the American public where large companies are forced to pay a Rabbi to certify their products "kosher" and Americans who buy the product foot the bill. Based on a study by The Jewish Newsletter in 1968, Rabbi's who certify products Kosher were bilking companies $30000+ per year for this service. That's one rabbi and one company! In the late 60's Jews were collecting $20,000,000 per year by this illegal tax. In todays dollars, that means Jews are pocketing $50,000,000+ per year! STOP THE KOSHER TAX SCAM!!
Next time you are at the store pick up a can of food and look for a "U" or "K" on the label. If it has one and you buy it, you are paying The Great Kosher Tax Scam.
by June 05, 2007
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