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An area of the Hindu Kush mountains in northeast Afghanistan that accounts for 40% of all engagements in Afghanistan. The Korengal valley is in the Konar Province and is a shit hole because Blue Spader cannot do shit right. Just like they sent Viper 1/26 to the Korengal when they were originally a Mech Bn and all the soldiers are fat and take breaks every 10 minutes while on patrol. And when they are not taking breaks thay are killing friendly Soldiers and Marines because they do not know how to PID. The Korengal Vally needs a real unit like the 173rd Bde or 3rd Marines to have any effect on the enemy.
"Hey Sgt why are we getting pulled out of the Korengal valley 2 months early? Well soldier thats because we suck at our job"
by Devil-Dawg April 10, 2009
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A valley of northeast Afghanistan. plagued by locals... occupied from 2008-2009 by Bravo company of the 1-26th infantry.
when we flew over the korengal valley we took fire.
by shanelo February 19, 2009
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