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A foolish and blind fervor so many Korean FOBs wear on their sleeves. It stems from the fact that Japan once put Korean under its thumb because Korea was a 3rd world country that wasn't aggressive enough in world affairs, hence its title "hermit nation." Korean FOBs display their nationalism by claiming that Samsung, LG is #1, Hyundai cars are #1 (despite Koreans preferring to drive high-end European/Japanese cars instead), insist that Korean plastic surgery queens are "natural," think that tae kwon do will fuck up anything, even MMA and so on. Nationalistic Koreans will even be so bold as to claim that their neighbors'(China and Japan) cultural distinctions i.e. Chinese language characters and Japanese sushi were originally Korean inventions that were "somehow" stolen, and as a result "plagiarized."

The Korean nationalistic phenomenon is equivalent to being "drunk in one's victories." Nationalistic Koreans love to dwell on trivial achievements and victories, they HAVE to rub it in your face that Koreans did this, did that. For example, it's 2008 and I still hear Koreans talking about how S. Korea advanced "so far" in 2002's world cup. The Dutch surrogate coach made that possible, because it wasn't a Korean coach.
Korean FOB: koh-rhee-a izuuh bestuuuh, Samsung izuuh better than Sony, Honda really copied Hyundai, I am-uuhh god's gift to Asian women because I try to act gay like K-drama guys.

non-Korean: You're a delusional brash Asian bumpkin, and a victim of Korean nationalism. Hey, by the way, your breath stinks, I think that kimchee chigae or dog-meat stew you ate did it.

Korean FOB: what muda-phukaa???? I phuck you up, I'm taekwondo master. koh-rhee-uuhh izuuhh bestuuhh!!!!!!
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