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the Korean government established that it is illegal for an online video game to ship WITHOUT huge tits & gratuitous Ass shots for female characters, conversely it is obscene to expose more than the eyes of male characters unless they spout horns and bone spurs at absurd angels.

when these games inevitably get released in other countries (namely the US) the game developers get unduly accused of sexism and employing perverts when, in fact, they are all upstanding citizens adhering to the laws of their country.

Americans generally don't give a shit about most of the laws in their own country, and care even less about laws in other countries (Tijuana excluded from that statement), so they never bothered to look up the actual law and coined it "Korean Law". The rest of the world just picked up our phrase instead of coming up with their own, like usual.

also knows as "K-Law" and sometimes confused with "Japanese prevision" (or J-perv for short), the difference being: J-perv is a national pastime while K-Law is a government regulation.
13 year old boy with internet, but no girlfriend #1: "stop being such a feminazi! A chicks Tits are, like, natural and everyone is born from a Vagina, so .... why is it a big deal for me to play as a "natural" chick in a online game?"

13 year old boy with internet, but no girlfriend #2: "yeah! we're actually supporting bitches to be comfortable with their bodies, and it's not like they're COMPLETELY exposed, so stop hating on Korea, they're just more progressive than the rest of the world."

13 year old boy with internet, but no girlfriend #1: "they're, like, so progressive, it's "Korean Law" over there!"
by Fakeassname July 07, 2010
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