When white breads try to become Asian and end up being a cringey mess. These people are generally way obsessed with asians
girl1: oml Francesca is such a koreaboo
girl2:ikr so is Bobita
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by namjoon crab April 22, 2020
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a non korean person who loves korean culture, music, language, and probably korean related stuff. they're so obsessed, they're trying to be korean too by makeup or surgery, learning the korean culture, learning the korean language, and many more ways to become a korean. of course, being a koreaboo doesn't mean that they're korean. they're just korean wannabes. usually they're cringey and likes to act cute when they're not. koreaboos can be any race. not all people are koreaboos, if they're korean or part koren, they're not koreaboos. if they only love korean culture or language or music, they're not koreaboos. but if they try to look korean, then you can prodly say that they're a koreaboo.
one of the most famous koreaboo is oli london. he did surgery to look like bts' jimin (no he doesn't).
by fei ♡ January 02, 2021
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Like a weeaboo, but centered around Korean media. Most commonly seen in the form of K-Pop Stans.
"What's that girl's deal? She won't stop watching and listening to Korean shit."
"Oh, she's a Koreaboo, just ignore her."
by Djangus January 02, 2021
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The Korean version of a weeb/Weaboo, this breed tries way too hard to be Korean, and is obsessed with KPop. Synonyms are: KPop Stan, Koreab, BTS Army
Koreaboo 1: “oh my god you like Jungkook?” “Jimin is so much better”
Koreaboo 2: “But Jungkook has such pretty eyes, and hair”
Random person hearing conversation: “You guys do realize neither of them are ever going to
date you right?” “Just a bunch of Koreaboos”
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by Boy #34 in your bedroom December 21, 2020
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