1. A person who wants to be Korean by listening to k-pop, using the Korean language in the wrong way, and disrespecting REAL Korean culture.

2. A very shitty website that serves almost no real purpose, only that it shows news about k-pop and just about nothing else "Korea" related
me: koreaboos are shit

north korean: NORTH KOREA IS BETTER KOREA!!!!1111, JOIN ME COMRADE!!!!111

koreaboos: oh shit, we fucked up
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by notmemes April 21, 2019
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People who think they're Korean, adore Koreans, think that Koreans are the handsomest people in the world while the actual Koreans don't give a shit about them
Koreaboos: I really sarang Oppa and I want to be his girlfriend. Aiiich >< what do I do?! He doesn't speak to me and probably never will. I really hope Oppa will sarang me back, because as soon as he sees me he will fall for me because I look so different.. And we'll get married and have children... Oppa, sarange me please!! Oppa Jimin, I beg you to sarang me..

Jimin: Don't get your hopes up, you nasty
by *-.Starrily.-* December 23, 2019
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A person who is not Korean but is in love with everything Korean, like k-pop bands or k-drama. They even go and learn some Korean and some of them go as far to look and identify as a Korean person.
I can’t believe she’s being such a koreaboo
by Isabellekeira676 February 25, 2018
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A useless person who is more racist than a white Boomer.
"She keeps calling herself Korean, what a Koreaboo!"
by BangBangTan November 21, 2019
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Weaboo is to Japan as Koreaboo is to Korea. Mostly fans of Korean media culture, Kpop, Kdrama, Ulzzangs. Also Gangnam style will be the birth of a lot of these 'koreaboos'.
Emer just keeps taking selca so she'll become an Ulzzang and Oppa will love her, in reality she's just a Koreaboo.
by Ahjusshi November 04, 2012
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A non-native Korean who is obsessed with Korean culture to the point where they denounce their own national/native identity and proclaim that they are Korean.

These people typically start off as K-Pop fans, but some Koreaboo's also start off as StarCraft II or League of Legends fans since they are very famous competitive sports in South Korea.

The word "Koreaboo" itself comes from the term "weeaboo"; a non-native Japanese person who is obsessed with Japanese culture.
That girl over there listens to K-Pop and always wear K-Pop shirts. She's definitely a Koreaboo!
by BrianDZ January 13, 2016
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