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Kordanize /‘kərdənaiz/ (v.) past tense: Kordanized / past participle: Kordanized
1 To get Ph.D without having B.Sc.
2 To deceive a nation by telling them a big lie
3 To become an important person (e.g. minister) by presenting fake certificate or documents.
4 to try to bribe someone in order to change his mind
kordan kordanification kordanophobia kordanism kordanic kordanicly
1 In this country Ph.D is just a piece of worthless paper.If i were you i would kordanize.
2 He must be sentenced to prison after he kordanized the whole country but as he was backed by the president he could scape the justice.
3 Kordanizing proves to be the best way of becoming a minister in an eastern country.
4 Although he tried to kordanize the Parliament members but finally they voted to sack the Minister for lying
about his fake degree from Oxford University.
by DesoliDs January 05, 2009
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a word which DesoliDs created and put on urban dictionary and some illiterate people said that oxford dictionary has put this word on the net maybe not knowing that urban dictionary and oxford dictionaries are different.
I first heard that word in the university
Although Oxford University has denied Mr Kordan a doctoral certificate, the word "Kordan" has entered the Oxford dictionary:

- Kordanize /'k?rd?naiz/ (v.) past tense: Kordanized / past participle: Kordanized

"BBC news Middle east Iran sacking: Your comments "
by e sny September 28, 2010
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