Kokichi oma is the little gremlin from danganronpa v3. All he ever does is lie, drink pop and try to get into saihara’s pants
P 1: who’s your favourite danganronpa character?

P2: kokichi ouma
P1: eww you like that little shit
by Gay bish July 26, 2020
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My best boi. Probably Demisexual.
I love him. Most of us do. I may or may not want to marry him and fuck him but whatever. SHIPPED WITH EVREYONE!
Me: Kokichi Ouma is so perfect and cute I want him to be mine!!!
by Itz_garbadge June 11, 2019
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A gay, grape, gremlin man.

Also known as the Ultimate Supreme Leader and a big liar, though he is very intelligent, as proven throughout the game. It’s also implied he has a crush on Saihara

He’s commonly shipped with Shuichi Saihara(Saiouma/Oumasai), K1-B0/Kiibo(Kiibouma), Kaito Momota(Oumota), and Himiko Yumeno(Oumeno)

Also commonly referred to as best boi in the fandom, and is the most popular character of the game
Person 1: Kokichi Ouma is a rat
Person 2: But he’s a smart rat
by GayApocalypse June 13, 2020
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