#1) One crazy mutha fucka
#2) M.V.P.
#1) He got all them other players on they knees. He's Kobe Bryant
#2) 35ppg.? That dudes, Kobe Bryant
by Christopher Paul May 29, 2008
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A guard for the Los Angeles Lakers who believes that trying to look like Michael Jordan by padding his stats is more important than winning a title or even a game for that matter.
Kobe Bryant is Allan Houston with 45 field goal attempts.

by BRHEE September 06, 2006
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when having the woman suck on your ballsack you repeatedly bounce your dick on her forehead, as if your dribbling a basketball. Like kobe Bryant.
After watching L.A. ball up on San Francisco i decided to let my girl get in on a little Kobe Bryant herself.
by BennyTdaGREAT! September 19, 2009
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The best ball hog in the NBA but the second best person on the Lakers. Gasol is the best, Kobe only averaging only 4 assists a game.
Gasol: "Kobe i'm open"

Kobe Bryant : "Wait bitch i wanna crossover the four niggas on me"

Kobe: "AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAhh shit they stole the ball i got yall next time

Gasol: "Kobe you ass you fucking jack we lost the game to the CAVS"

Kobe: "Well atleast i got my 67 points, 10 rebounds and no assists."
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A talented, horny, very rich basketball player that easily escapes conviction because he lives in the land where the government favors the rich: The Good Ole USA!
Hey, Kobe's a baller and can't keep it in the pants, but he's got money, so whatev.
by Davimus August 29, 2005
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-wanna be mj
-very full of himslef
-very overrated in the looks department
-not very nice
-scale of 1-10 when it comes to his skills, 9
kobe is a good liar, we all know he di it
by yankeesrule March 10, 2005
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(Koh-Bee Bry-ent) N. 1) Italian raised NBA star who skipped college for the NBA. 2) The inability to reach the top shelf without having the help of someone tall. 3) The act of paying a white girl to let you smack her with your penis for the sake of having a fake trial in order to earn yourself street cred. 4) The second release during defecation where a smaller turd lands on a much larger turd and seems to cling onto it until they both go down the drain. 5)The act of comparing a new rookie to Micheal Jordan without seeing him play a single game (see also Overated Fucks, L. James, C. Anthony, P. Hardaway and Media Whores). 6) A large gaudy peice of jewelry given in order to save your relationship. 7) A skinny African American that if hit by a car and killed today would have had zero lasting impact on the NBA. 8) The feeling a DA gets when his victim drops all charges.
1) Kobe Bryant went 5 for 32 yesterday. He's freakin' good!
2) I'd like some of those cookies up there but I'm afraid I'm all Kobe Bryant right now since my assistant went to florida.
3) Kobe Bryant couldn't get a good shoe deal so he ironically had a rape trial in colorado as a sad attempt to win the hearts of what is now the Drug dealer - Thug - Gangster - Scum of the earth - demographic of the NBA.
4) I had 6 bowls of rice crispys and the next day I took the biggest crap I've ever taken. Then this little poop fell out and landed on the big one almost Kobe Bryant style. It was funny watching it swirl around down the drain until I had to use some Tim Duncan to clean everything up and bring back a certain repectability to the bowl.
5) That guy is the next Micheal Jordan! No he isn't he's over rated and is nothing more than hype and the next Kobe Bryant.
6) Dude that rock is so big it looks fake. Yeah I've gotta go Kobe Bryant in order to get Tina back after fucking her fat cousin at her sisters wedding last week.
7) Did you here Kobe Bryant just got hit by a bus? So?
8) She won't press charges? Uhggg, I feel like I've got a bad case of the Kobe Bryant.
by sirisaachillary September 21, 2005
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