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Also called a KHF

A person who is obsessed with Kobe Bryant and is mad because Kobe Bryant is not having sex with them. This leads to them being angry at everything that Kobe Bryant does even if it is spectacular. Their sole purpose is to tear down Kobe Bryant's image in their own mind in an attempt to try and decrease how much they want to swallow his seamen.
Laker John is such a Kobe Hater Faggot that he calls his shots nutbangers so he can think of Kobe Bryant's testicles banging him from behind.

There is not a bigger KHF than Cholo who spends all day every day criticizing Kobe on ESPN's Lakers' message board while fervently masturbating to Kobe's 81 point game.
by JoshMorganisgod January 24, 2009
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